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April 16, 2018 Photography 0 Comments

What Your Headshot Photographer Should Be Doing

When choosing a Headshot Photographer in the Houston area, there are a few things that you should be looking for. First, choose a Headshot Photographer who has a studio. And we’re talking about a real business location studio. Not just a bed sheet hung up in their living room or garage. But, “you can still take great pictures in a garage”, you say. Yes, that’s true. But when you want professionalism and quality, you need to choose a photographer that is as serious about their job as you are about yours. And when you choose a photographer who has a business location and studio, you’re choosing a photographer who has taken enough pictures and pleased enough clients to justify the expense of a business studio location. Second, look for a photographer that has lots of examples of the type of work you’re looking for. Just because someone can take good landscape photos, or has photographed their cousin’s wedding, doesn’t make them a good Headshot Photographer. And third, make sure the photographer you choose knows something about style in their own life. When you’re getting new Headshot photos taken, you want to look and feel stylish, professional, and current in todays style. Get a feel for your photographers own style and make sure you choose a photographer that can relate to the style and theme you want for your own photos. Our photographers have been doing this for a very long time, and know just how to give our clients the type of photos that they are proud to display on their business cards, websites, and online profiles.


Business Headshot Photography Business Headshot Photography


Even the outtakes from this Headshot Session turned out pretty good!Business Headshot Photography Business Headshot PhotographyOur clients choose to work with us again and again because our photographers have years and years of experience in making clients look better than they’ve ever looked before.  The best Nikon and Canon cameras and lenses, the right clothes, the right location, lighting, poses and composition.  When it’s picture time people want to look amazing, and that’s why they choose Four Cameras Photography.  We have all of the right lighting and posing tools needed, along with over 20 years of making award winning photos.

Our studio over 20 different backgrounds to choose from, lots of fun props, and a huge studio with lots of room to move around.  And in addition to our studio, we also create amazing images at location all around the Houston Parks area.  But not only that, we have award winning photographers that work hard every session to create artistic and unique photos for each clients.  So whether you need familymaternitygraduationnewbornchildrenwedding, bridal or commercial photography, Four Cameras will make you smile.  Visit our studio in person or online and see what we can create for you!

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