Four Cameras Houston Photography is Officially in Business!

October 12, 2015 News, Uncategorized 0 Comments

Houston Photography Never Looked So Good!

After 20 years, and 4 studios in Utah, we’ve decided to move back home to Texas and open our biggest and best Houston photography studio yet!  We’re still looking for the final studio location, but we know our first (of hopefully a few) studio will be on the east side near the Gulf Freeway.  But even though we don’t have the location yet, after 20 years of professional photography we know exactly what’s going to be inside.  The best light equipment, state of the art digital editing hardware and software, the best cameras, and of course lots and lots of backgrounds, props, and furniture to pose on!  We’ve also made sure to only be looking at locations that will allow us to accommodate large families of up to at least 30 people!  So when the weather turns bad, we’ll still be able to photograph everyone!

So look for more news coming soon, and we can’t wait to start photographing ya’ll, and don’t forget to “LIKE” our Facebook Page!

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