Outdoor Headshot Photography

July 7, 2021 Photography

Outdoor Headshot Photos Are In Style

For decades the only headshot that was acceptable was one done in the studio. Usually on a white background, or if you’re old enough to remember, on the old portrait backgrounds. Well the times and the styles have changed. Headshots today should reflect more about a person’s personality than the decade it’s shot in. Gone are the days where everyone needed to look alike. With most professionals promoting themselves on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, todays business person wants to connect with clients on a deeper level. Clothing and props go a long way, but so does the environment. If you’re a dentist, get your headshot in an exam room. If you’re a realtor, get your headshot outside, in front of a home. You wouldn’t expect a baseball coach to have their headshot on a plain white background, well the same rules apply for everyone else. Have fun, and make your new headshot all about you!

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